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SellerApp is built to enable sellers with data, intelligence automations, and operations. Smart sellers use SellerApp to harness the power of data to drive their business forward.
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SellerApp’s all-inclusive e-Commerce Intelligence platform helps sellers and retailers maximize their potential on global marketplaces including Amazon. Get your hands on next-gen AI and ML models to help businesses drive profitability in a simple SaaS interface. How does SellerApp elevate your business? Market intelligence: SellerApp provides market intelligence tools to help established brands understand their customer behavior, track category trends and identify new business opportunities. Data-driven decision-making: The platform provides real-time sales and profit tracking to help established brands make data-driven decisions about their Amazon business. Product Intelligence: Take advantage of our state-of-the-art Market Intelligence to gain valuable insights driven by data and uncover the factors that drive your competitors’ profits and your own lost sales. Make informed business decisions! Competition Analysis: We ensure high-quality product listings, marketing, and growth strategies by regularly measuring and monitoring them from all angles. Benchmark them against your competitors and quickly identify any discrepancies. Automated Advertising Optimization: SellerApp provides tools to help established brands optimize their Amazon advertising campaigns, automate key advertising tasks, drive more traffic to their product listings, and increase sales. Data Warehousing: We provide you with an active Data Warehousing solution that can provide you with 1 year look back. You can utilize it as cold storage for sales and advertising analysis. Gain greater control over your Amazon business – empower them with data-driven decisions to boost profits.
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