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The only SMS revenue platform for Shopify merchants. We’re all-in on SMS—and we’ve built the solutions designed to make SMS your #1 revenue channel.
About Postscript
Postscript believes in putting customers first. When done right, SMS marketing can be game changing for a brand. But it’s a fine line between success and annoying users. Preventing the latter is our passion. We help ecommerce brands design and operate SMS programs that keep users engaged and happy while driving substantial new revenue. Our team is made up of Stanford PhDs, college drop outs, and everything in between. We’re fully-remote across North America, but travel to fun places for full team retreats 3 times per year. We have a highly entrepreneurial culture. We work hard and enjoy doing so. More than anything else, our competitive advantage is that we care—a lot—like, we really really care. This shows in many ways, like responding to customers at all hours, selling fairly and honestly, and in how we’ve built the Postscript product.
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