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The first Game Theory Repricer for Amazon sellers. We apply a new approach to repricing based on game theory tactics. Our AI-powered repricer continuously analyzes the competition to maximize profit while avoiding price wars or missing out on potential BuyBox share.
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Seller Snap’s mission is to help Amazon sellers maximize profit and scale their business. Seller Snap was born after identifying obstacles with existing repricing solutions that stunted sellers from really reaching their full potential. That is why we developed a leading AI algorithmic repricer, combined with strong seller analytics. Seller Snap’s philosophy is centered around providing sellers with real value and expert insight into the ever-changing business of selling on Amazon. That is why we assembled a group of multi-talented individuals who are passionate about the evolving Amazon space. Our customer-centric team is invested in the growth of our customers and we work hard at creating an environment of learning and collaboration with Amazon sellers at many different stages of their Amazon journeys.
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