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Overview of Spectrum
Having a diversity of eCommerce experts, Spectrum BPO provides assistance in Ongoing management, Product Optimization, Improved ROI/ACOS and Upscaling your sales for all major marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and more.
About Spectrum
Spectrum in its entirety has become a symbol of excellence in the ecommerce space. Not long ago, this was just a dream of few that manifested into a full blown entrepreneurial endeavor and since then, there is no looking back. Just like any small business in its early days that strives hard to be heard and not get bulldozed over by the competitors, we did what we could to survive and win. Luckily, deep down, we were a fighting bunch with a never giving up attitude. Tapping the unknown has been one of our core strengths, whether it be the tools or a new strategy that was destined to fail but we tried. Because there was always something to learn at the end.
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