Elimate the Guesswork
and Overwhelm
Grow Your Ecommerce Business with
Expert Coaching and Proven Strategies
Oz Merchant - Ecommerce Business Coach
Elimate the Guesswork
and Overwhelm
Grow Your Ecommerce Business with
Expert Coaching and Proven Strategies

Scale your Business
from $500K to $5M+

From Entrepreneurial
to CEO Mindset

From Side Hustle
to Ecommerce Business

The 6 Obstacles to Growing an Ecommerce Business

Can you relate to these struggles?

Building a Team

Are you wearing all the hats and doing each only moderately well?

Driving Sales

Are your sales inconsistent and not profitable enough?

Marketing for Results

Are you bouncing between strategies and burning cash?

Managing Products

Are you challenged with sourcing or supplier relations?

Operating Efficiently

Are you running a lean business or are operating expenses killing your margins?

Fueling with Cash

Do you keep running out of cash just as the momentum builds?

And the most important one is the challenges you face with your own mindset and limiting beliefs.

If these struggles are holding your ecommerce
business back then we should connect.

Who is Oz Merchant?

My initial career started off in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing. I then went into the high tech software space helping launch 6 different companies of which 3 had successful exits with the largest one being for $350M.

Over the last few years I’ve moved into ecommerce which was a great blend of the first two acts of my career. When I got into the world of ecommerce I quickly noticed all the critical elements were fragmented making it harder for ecommerce sellers to find what they needed along the entrepreneurial journey. 

I launched ecomsellersHQ to bring all those pieces together into one place. It certainly made my life easier and I hope it will help other ecommerce sellers along the way.

In addition, over the last 22 years, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching and consulting clients across 5 continents helping them launch and scale their businesses. I love seeing businesses flourish and seeing entrepreneurs evolve into CEOs.

Let’s jump on a call and see how I can help you on that journey.

Oz Merchant

what my clients have to say

Quarterly 1:1 Coaching​

We’ll tackle your goals quarter by quarter to scale your business into a multiple 7 figure business.

Entrepreneur to CEO Program

Are you ready to accept your role as CEO? You will be after this 6 month program.

I’ll help you explore all the functional departments of your business to fine tune each area for optimal performance.

We’ll implement systems and processes to help you buy back your time while scaling up your ecommerce business.

How Does it Work?

Three Simple Steps to Ecommerce Success


Schedule time with me using the button below


Share your obstacles and goals and let’s define a game plan.


I’ll be there every step of the way as you put the plan into action

Educating Ecommerce Communities


Speaking topics include:

  • Conquering Cash flow Challenges
  • 5 Hacks for Mental & Emotional Resiliency
  • Nailing the Pitch to Investors
  • Overcoming Vendor Objections 

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Unveiling the Wizardry

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