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Overview of Stella Rising
Stella Rising is the agency for rising stars. We’re the leading marketing and media agency for spirited, high-growth companies; we understand how to build foundationally strong and admired brands. We connect these brands with people who will love them—through creative communication, technology, media and human engagement. Our new name reflects our modern, human-centric approach to intelligent business.
About Stella Rising
We create transformative business value for superstar brands—the beating heart and growth engine of our consumer economy. As a women-led, nationally recognized marketing and media services agency, we help clients in the consumer middle market make growth decisions with confidence. Our strategy practice is rooted in the understanding of people—led by Glimmer, our real-time research and micro-influencer group that informs creative and content strategy and Halo, our predictive marketing model that defines how best to go to market, invest, and scale profitably. We provide an end-to-end client experience with an omnichannel execution team that excels in balancing demand activation and brand building across digital and traditional media channels.
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