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Overview of FBA Reviews
As former FBA sellers ourselves, we’ve designed a way to dominate the competition by giving you access to the largest community of pre-screened, product testers that love to leave high-quality reviews. Indeed, our clients receive an average 95% response rate from our community.
About FBA Reviews
As former Amazon Sellers, we know how difficult and time-consuming it is to launch products in a hyper-competitive marketplace. Indeed, through our own journey, we discovered that the single largest barrier to initial success was getting quality reviews. After all, it’s difficult to sell without reviews and impossible to get reviews without sales. So, after scouring the web in search of product testing/feedback services that were tailored to Amazon sellers and finding none, we decided to launch FBA Reviews. After several weeks of perfecting the system, we were ready to start leveraging our expertise for others. Fast forward many years later, we’re now a thriving business helping countless Amazon sellers get the desperately needed product feedback they need to grow their businesses.
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