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PickFu is a DIY consumer research platform that delivers professional grade insights with consumer app ease. Whether you’re in an e-commerce seller, a mobile app developer, author, or entrepreneur, PickFu can help you make better-informed decisions.
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In 2008, PickFu co-founders Justin Chen and John Li were working on another business. Whenever the two disagreed, they wanted a fast, informed way to break the tie. Being software engineers, they built it. While Justin and John focused on their other venture, PickFu sat on the back burner. But like all the best treasures on the internet, people discovered it. Customers used the polling platform and shared it with their friends. They found new and interesting ways to harness its power. And by listening to real people, the co-founders realized they had built something truly useful for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Since then, PickFu has grown to thousands of customers across industries like e-commerce, mobile app development, publishing, insurance, and marketing. PickFu users have gathered over 3 million responses to product features, logos, graphic design, user interfaces, copywriting, and so much more.
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