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Overview of Marketing by Emma
Break through the noise, grab and hold customers’ attention, and boost your conversions. At Marketing by Emma, we write compelling copy that gets results. We dig deep to understand who your brand is so we can authentically communicate with your target market. Together, we’ll turn your websites, Amazon listings, packaging texts, and more into effective sales machines.
About Marketing by Emma
Transform traffic into loyal customers. Marketing by Emma creates conversion-spiking Amazon listings and website copy that makes people click “Add to Cart!” Join over 1500 happy clients and send your sales soaring. Get your FREE listing analysis now!
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1 Reviews on “Marketing by Emma”

1 reviews
  • Wonderful results! Improve my sales significantly!

    Increased my sales!

    It was a great experience, no issues.


    It was a great pleasure working with Marketing By Emma, they are very professional and the whole experience was great, I reached out to them because of the reputation in the space they have definitely delivered when it comes to improve in my bottom line. Highly recommended!

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