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Unmatched merchant selection, unparalleled availability, and incredible spending power make Fluz the leading payments choice for resellers. Whether you’re just getting started or moving millions a month, Fluz can grow your margins by 10% OR MORE with cashback solutions that scale with your business.
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Fluz instantly helps you grow your margins by 10% (or more) with cashback tailored to the needs of resellers & ecomm entrepreneurs. We have the largest merchant partner catalog to bring your effective costs down, reduce your inventory costs, and make your profits soar. To learn now Fluz can grow your bottom line, simply click the link above to apply or set up a consultation. Up to 20% cashback at leading brands — A minimum of 1.5% cashback with our virtual debit card — 1,000s of merchants — $250k in spending power per day — No membership fees & no catch
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