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GETIDA is dedicated to improving the overall operations of 3rd party FBA sellers. We developed an auditing software that keeps track of your inventory transactions, refunds, and claims easily and efficiently. We help get your money back into your pockets, so you can focus on investing in more inventory and growing your business.
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We audit more consistently. We find more discrepancies. We reconcile more claims. The refunds roll in, unlocking an additional revenue stream to reinvest in your Amazon business. It’s more than money back — it’s the way forward. Amazon FBA sellers experience discrepancies that can be worth billions of dollars each year in lost or damaged inventory, overcharges, and other reimbursements that can go unclaimed. But not with Getida. Our sole focus is Amazon FBA reimbursements — and helping individual sellers and consumer brands unlock a continuous revenue stream. That’s fuel to reinvest in your business. That’s freedom to strategize your future. With Getida, you get more.
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