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Eva is an integrated AI platform & end-to-end services provider that help brands and agencies maximize traffic, conversion, availability and profits from Amazon. Eva is a tech company & services provider that combines AI, big data & ex-Amazonian expertise to amplify traffic, conversion, availability and profit margins. Eva offers an integrated suite of tools, management services & 3PL fulfillment services that help you sell smarter, faster & more profitably on Amazon and beyond. Eva is recognized by Amazon as being a top global Advanced Partner that supports every selling region worldwide. Eva provides a platform & management services that is used by brands, agencies, & other eCommerce sellers in more than 100 countries.
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Eva’s holistic, AI-driven, cost-effective solutions guide your business to success on Amazon and other marketplaces by maximizing profits, traffic, conversion, and availability with its technology platform and eCommerce experts. Backed by a growth mindset ingrained in its operations, Eva’s team tackles challenges head-on, providing efficient and effective solutions tailored to your business needs. Eva’s profit-focused approach focused on hourly bid optimization, predicting optimal price, maximizing reimbursements, and avoiding stock-outs, helps brands to exceed their profits in a complex marketplace jungle as an ultimate Amazon partner.
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