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Amazon and Walmart share more data than ever before. Brands and agencies must be deeply data-centric to stay competitive. Intentwise is here to help you do just that. The Intentwise E-commerce Suite delivers a robust data foundation, data-rich ad optimization, and an in-depth understanding of shopper journeys.
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Long-time colleagues and friends Sreenath Reddy and Raghu Kashyap founded Intentwise in 2016 to solve problems they had been facing in advertising and marketing. Customer “intent” was the primary focus—hence “Intentwise” was born. Today, as a retail media optimization and analytics platform, Intentwise oversees hundreds of millions of dollars in ad spend and helps brands, sellers, and agencies maximize returns from their advertising spend. What started as a team of two is now an international company of 50 (and growing) on a mission to empower Amazon advertisers through robust technology, simplified reporting, and in-depth recommendations.
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