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The Sellegr8 suite of tools helps sellers crush it on Walmart just as they were meant to. Lack of data & control has been holding you back. It’s time to change all that.
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As 7-figure Amazon brand owners looking to expand onto the Walmart platform, we believed in the huge, untapped opportunity of the Walmart marketplace. Because competition is much lower than Amazon while Walmart continues to put more and more capital and resources behind becoming a true global competitor, we saw the uncharted territory of Walmart as a bright beacon before us…. And Then Reality Set In…. As successful Amazon sellers, we thought selling on Walmart was going to be a walk in the park. We already had proven best-selling products loved by Amazon buyers, a brand presence, optimized listings and even keywords and PPC data from Amazon. So, we migrated our listings to Walmart, prepared our inventory and….Nothing. So, We Learned the Hard Way We were so used to being Amazon heroes, that it was hard to stomach that we were Walmart losers. How could this be? We had to figure out what went wrong. That’s when we realized that a lot of our success on Amazon came from data-driven decisions and leveraging automation. We needed to replicate our successful operating procedures from Amazon onto the Walmart platform. There was just one small problem… We couldn’t find any tools that existed for the Walmart ecosystem. And This is How Sellegr8 was Born After hours upon hours studying the Walmart API, we began building the tools needed to find success within our own business on Walmart. We designed, tested, optimized, and finally, we had the early stages of Sellegr8 (pronounced: “sell-a-great”). We started with small victories: more product reviews, more buy box wins, better customer service, happier customers and fewer returns. But most importantly – MORE SALES! It was working!
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